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Ex-Corporate worker turned Pilates and Gyrotonic instructor.

Driven by the benefits that she has experienced first hand as a client.

Now she continuously updates herself in movement methods and knowledge to improve her own wellbeing

and her clients.


She was a Corporate worker with issues like stiff spine, weak core etc. and attended occasional Pilates group classes since her early 20s. But it was only after her first Private Pilates class that she realised the small important details that she has missed out over the years. Her chiropractor recommended private class as an alternative method to improve on her Scoliosis and alignment. 


Over several private Pilates and Gyrotonic lessons, she gained more understanding of her body and began to feel much stronger post partum. Her diastasis recti (partial separation of the rectus abdominis) also improved and she learnt how to engage her core better. Her mobility also improved, especially the mobility of her spine, which was very stiff due to many years siting at the desk. Having experienced so many benefits, it was not too long before she discovered her new passion. 


This led her to undergo the instructor training program under Polestar Pilates, a worldwide provider of rehabilitation-based Pilates education. And this is the start of her lifelong journey in movement.


She’s now a Certified Polestar Pilates instructor for Mat, Studio and Rehabilitation, and a Certified Gyrotonic Instructor. She also holds a Specialist Certification in the Pre/Postnatal Pilates Specialist Program, The Centre For Women’s Fitness (USA). 


She hopes to share her knowledge in movement with you. 

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